In today’s demanding and impatient society, we want everything now – answers, solutions, new gadgets, decisions, even love…

The reality is that we have come so far in the technology stakes that we have forgotten that it is ok to allow some human element to remain, to allow someone time to read your email perhaps, before bombarding them with an alternate form of communication. They didn’t answer your email in a timely fashion? So text, call, Facebook, tweet or stalk them any way you can think of. Maybe they were in a meeting? Or maybe they have stepped away from their desk to escape from the maddening beeps and pings.

The point is that when we are unavailable even for a second, it causes an irrational reaction. How did people cope in the days when a man on horseback delivered a letter from one end of a country to the other? And what about relying on a pigeon to deliver a message? How could you ever know whether your beloved received that love letter?

Although it is of our own creation, the sheer impatience of people is at times a little too much to bear. Our focus is on all the wrong things and with that, there creeps in a very unpleasant lack of human compassion, of patience, and of kindness.

When did we allow technology to overtake basic interaction?

How do we return to a society that values face to face relationships, while still embracing all the gadgetry that is available to us? After all, the strongest of personal or business relationships are built on a foundation of trust and understanding and this can only be cemented if you are looking someone in the eye.

With this very thought in mind, Vixtel has developed Live Connex, the very latest in communications technology.

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