Always Answer Your Phone

keep calmWhether a personal or a business phone call, it is frustrating when you try to get hold of someone and their phone just rings and rings and rings.

It is one thing to not be able to get hold of a friend but quite another when a business fails to recognise the importance of answering every single incoming phone call.

Why is it that some companies allow a degree of arrogance to creep in, thinking rather complacently that ‘just one call lost won’t matter’? It cannot be stressed enough just how important your phone line is. It is, in conjunction with your website, the gateway to your business. The first port of call, pun intended, for potential customers looking to use your products or services. The first and last chance to make a first impression, and most importantly of all, the first and last chance to create the foundations of what will hopefully be a long-standing, mutually rewarding relationship.

An important thing to consider here is the fact that if you are unreachable, new clients will skip right over you and head straight to your competition. They won’t call you back, or try again later. In todays highly competitive and in a lot of cases, saturated markets, this is something that no business can afford to have happen. Research shows that most buyers are already 60% of the way through their decision making process before they get in touch with you. Perceptions and assumptions play a huge part in reasoning to choose or ignore a particular product.

This leads us to consider the ‘Google Factor’. Every piece of research begins with a Google search of a product, brand or company. Whether this is on a mobile phone, a computer or a tablet, it is now the only way that your potential clients find you.

Rather alarmingly, there has been a 30% decline in incoming sales calls to businesses over the past 12 months.

In a bid to help you regain those lost sales calls, Vixtel has developed Live Connex, a communications tool that connects you live, to your customers, through your website. Chat face to face, via web chat, or make a phone call.  Live Connex allows your customers and potential customers to get in touch as they need you, improving your reliability and visibility to them.

Taking the field of real estate as an example: imagine your candidates or clients could click on your site and be talking directly to you? Live and interactive open houses would revolutionise the way people look for a new home. Live Connex has the power to make your business more accessible than ever before and with that comes more business, happy customers, and a happy boss!

To experience this ground breaking technology and see what it could do for your business, call us: 1300 VIXTEL.